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Final Table Finish in Private Freeroll! 11-11-09

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Final Table Finish in Private Freeroll! 11-11-09

Post  datsme53 on 2009-11-11, 21:58

Made the final table in a private freeroll this afternoon. I was in and out of the chip lead throughout this one. 3 left and time running out for me to play. I had to leave at 10 minutes to 5:00pm for a Veteran's Day dinner... hated it but I was going to have to leave. I was 2nd in the chips and got 6,6. Chip leader had me covered by 'bout 107k to 113k. He raised my BB (2k) to 4,800 and I took it all in. He called and had K,Q off. He(ownftheflop) got the K on the flop and I was mercifully out.. lol! I didn't want to go all in there but would have really hated it to just have to sit out with only 3 left lol! So I took 3rd out of 206 entrants for $10.55. I believe jimbeam and trucker finished ITM in this one also.. it paid the top 40.

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