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Final Table Finish in $50 Private Freeroll 10-30-09

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Final Table Finish in $50 Private Freeroll 10-30-09

Post  datsme53 on 2009-10-31, 00:54

Final table in this one for 4th out of 41 entrants for $6. Had only 225 chips left and hadn't won a hand at the break lol! Got a couple wins and kept just hanging on. Went to the final table with only 1900 chips lol and was only over 2k at 2100 for the one hand before the final table. I did get it up to over 10k at one point. Chip and a chair? Well .. that's cutting it a bit close lol! Good fun and had a good chat... tukie was there! She finished 2nd! Glad to find her again.

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