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so what if i played 7/5 suited

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so what if i played 7/5 suited

Post  ibew481indy on 2009-06-22, 20:59

so what if i play a 7/5 suited I don't want anyones opinion so why do they give it Shocked

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Re: so what if i played 7/5 suited

Post  JointsRule on 2009-06-23, 00:36

Huh...are you serious (74 suited)? I know your not looking for an opion, but any good poker player will just have to chim in and have too give you some advise; and tell you, you should always have an A to support your 7 or 5 or even a 2 same suite; this way you always have the highest flush. Wink Any thing else and you are setting yourself up for a bad beat most of the times, unless you simply just get lucky. Rolling Eyes

Good luck on and of the felts,

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