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WSOP Step 2 Voucher Win at GoHard!

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WSOP Step 2 Voucher Win at GoHard!

Post  datsme53 on 2009-05-01, 02:07

I took this one to the final table. Smile Jumped up from 30th with 40 left to 2nd position with 10 left. It got down to 4 left when I got chopped down in half from 96k to 45k when my top pair-top kicker got beat by a set of 4's on the turn!Mad The hand that took me out was JJ ran into KK lol! I won a step 2 voucher with this 4th place finish! I now have 4 step 1 vouchers and 2 step 2 vouchers... tried to play a step 1 today and took over an hour and still didn't get one going. You have to join these steps which are 10 player SnG's and you have to wait till they fill up to be able to play. I'll try again tomorrow to get into one.

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Re: WSOP Step 2 Voucher Win at GoHard!

Post  Clibar on 2009-05-01, 11:10

Nice job dats, you keep up the finale table run. Turn those steps into some leaps, lol.

Good luck on the felts

Clint B

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