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Doyles Room Review Empty

Doyles Room Review

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Doyles Room Review Empty Doyles Room Review

Post  LargeLooker on 2009-04-21, 23:45

Overall Doyles room is clean neat, and theres hardly any interferance or disconnectivity in this poker room. It's appealing in many ways. Of course playing with and around the greats is at the top of my list. People in this poker room are pleasant and interact nicely to new comers and I would guess the regulars. There is not much waiting around for cards. When you win your chips get pushed to you quickly and proficiently. There aren't any awkward pauses which is nice considering you are playing with real money. The Gold chip program is nice and the Doyle rooms Store is also nice. What better way to spend your winnings then jumping into the store and having something delivered right to you doorstep. Nothing. Free rolls are frequent and always nice when your down and out. The chance is there and that's more than fair on this Rooms part. It's simple to navigate and theirs a casino too. Awesome .

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Doyles Room Review Empty Re: Doyles Room Review

Post  lewis b on 2009-06-21, 00:56

I really like Doyles Room myself.Playing against the pros in certain tournaments is a huge bonus.I still tell people that Doyle Brunson eliminated me from a tournament.The ring games are good as well.Another plus is the blackjack tournaments in the casino.they have several dollar tournaments with 100 and 101 guarantees with only around 40 or so players.So they are a cheap opportunity to build your bankroll.

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