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How to Shuffle Poker Chips Empty

How to Shuffle Poker Chips

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How to Shuffle Poker Chips Empty How to Shuffle Poker Chips

Post  SiresNme on 2009-12-17, 23:11

Begin your training on a soft surface which has a little more give. Start with two stacks of 4 or 5 chips each.

Step 2
Put the two stacks of chips side by side. If you are right-handed start with your middle finger and index finger on the outside of the left stack of chips. Put your pinky and ring finger on the right side. The thumb should be in the middle.

Step 3
Slightly lift the left side of the right stack with the thumb, and at the same time lift as you are pushing the stacks together by squeezing your hand closed.

Step 4
Move your thumb back to the right side of the right stack once the lift has begun, to aid in pushing the two stacks together.

Step 5
Lift your hand up the pile once the first two fall into place.

Step 6
Separate the single stack into two stacks by lifting off the top half of chips and begin again.


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