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How to Twirl Poker Chips Empty

How to Twirl Poker Chips

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How to Twirl Poker Chips Empty How to Twirl Poker Chips

Post  SiresNme on 2009-12-17, 23:07

Step 1
Hold three poker chips between your index and ring fingers. They should be vertical with your fingers. Use your middle finger to brace the poker chips on the backside.

Step 2
Loosen the two outer poker chips with your thumb. Hold the center poker chip securely with your index and ring finger. After they are loosened pull them up with your thumb and hold them with the thumb and index fingers.

Step 3
Pull away the ring finger and roll the poker chip along the index finger. Grab the bottom of the chip using the pinky finger. Slowly take the ring finger off the poker chip.

Step 4
Replace your index and pinky fingers with your middle and ring fingers. Bend those fingers inwards and twirl the chip 180 degrees using your index and pinky fingers as an axis.

Step 5
Withdraw the middle and ring fingers when the poker chip is vertical with them. Roll the poker chip along the index finger and back again. Use your thumb to release the outer poker chips and allow the single poker chip to return to the middle of the other two.


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