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ITM Finish at PokerStars $2,500 Depositer's Freeroll! 12-08-09

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ITM Finish at PokerStars $2,500 Depositer's Freeroll! 12-08-09

Post  datsme53 on 2009-12-08, 21:51

I finished itm at PokerStars $2,500 freeroll for Depositer's today. First one of these I've been able to make it ITM. Been a huge struggle with the donks and bad beats for sure. Hopefully this will be the first of the 8 I need to make all of the finals. Finished 32nd out of 10,000 entrants for $8. Hope to get more of these ITM's to make it to more finals. I had a better finish in mind in this one, but took it all in for 390k in chips with one other in the pot post flop. I got an A,10,9 on the flop which paired my A,J suited.. got called by a K,9 off! He got a K on the turn to give him 2 pair! Would have given me over 800k in chips and put me in the top 8! LOL! POKER! I probably shouldn't have went all in there, but that's what I did.. and I can't take the click back lol!

Here's the email from PS.

PokerStars Tournament #214070088, No Limit Hold'em
Freeroll Super Satellite
10000 players
$2500.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $2500.00 USD
Target Tournament #214100007
500 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2009/12/08 13:00:00 ET

Dear datsme53,

You finished the tournament in 32nd place.

qualifies you for a seat in Tournament #214100007. A ticket to this
tournament was issued in your name. You can use this ticket to
register. See Tournament #214100007 Lobby for further details.

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Re: ITM Finish at PokerStars $2,500 Depositer's Freeroll! 12-08-09

Post  ncbluez on 2009-12-08, 22:33

Way to go dats!!! How long did that one take you? Very impressive to weed through 10k donkeys!!!!! Good luck to you in the next one!!! You can do it!

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