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A Romance tale with  park ranger. (For adults Only) Empty

A Romance tale with park ranger. (For adults Only)

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A Romance tale with  park ranger. (For adults Only) Empty A Romance tale with park ranger. (For adults Only)

Post  SiresNme on 2009-10-17, 07:51

The stream whispers through the trees as we walk hand in hand along its wooded bank. Two hearts meet in a blend of autumn weather with a hint of spring in their affair.
A nearby tree has fallen as to offer itself as a resting place in nature. Subtle breezes sway the remaining leaves above with their sounds blending to the rippling waters nearby.

They enjoy their conversation as they unpack their blanket, and share a kiss as they reach for the corners.
She gets out the mugs they have brought, he pours from the thermos of tea.
He adores her two handed grasp of her mug as she blows over its steaming contents. She smiles with eye-to-eye contact. She does not know exactly why he has that gaze, but she has hopes, thoughts, and dreams of her own.
They discuss how simple life can be as they enjoy the morning tone they have staged together.

Exchanges of thoughts pass the time as if time itself did not exist. Lost in each other they draw near, they embrace.
Their passions growing intense, and with their clothing now disappearing, they find themselves nude upon their blanket in the woods.

He moves from her side to her top. Their bodies grind at mid point and she gives way to his entry.
They are one now. Slowly he enters her full, but then retreats. He works his way down her face, her neck, and lands at her breast. He tickles her nippers with his tongue all the while keeping his mid section tightly against her in movement. Her nippers grow hard from the cool fall air.
He works his way back to find her lips again for a moment, and directly descends to between her legs.

He kisses her deeply just above her opening. Then side to side, but never enters here, yet.
Caressing her inner thighs he relentlessly kisses her deeper and deeper until she remains silent no more. He has entered his tongue deeply, swirling, sucking, grinding and has never stopped caressing.
She grows tense and rigid and he ascends to find her lips in unison of his reentry.
He strokes his greatest depth, harder, faster, and with one final thrush, he holds her as he explodes inside her.

As he lies upon her, kissing her gently. Face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul, she whispers these words in his ear.

“Honey, I think the park ranger wants a word with us.”

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