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Post  SiresNme on 2009-09-19, 14:28

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OK, now enduring a 5-month run of what can’t be construed as just bad luck, I am headed back to basics.

Easy enough right? MY ASS! My played hand percentage’s are low, my starting hands strong, my win to lost ratio is better than it’s ever been, and my LOST’s are HUGE! WTF! Vent vent vent!

I am openly addicted to the game of poker, and I am so confused over how my game has taken a nosedive in the past months, that I am stepping back from on line games that simply appeal to me.

And by that I mean that I have never applied (or even understood) bankroll management.
But my true goal as a student to the game is to become a winning player.

So current conditions require that I back up, re-read some books, outline a plan beginning with bankroll management, and concluding with a analyzes of my results from my actions.

So I am working on this in an excel format, and going to apply my plan to micro stakes on Fear No Ace starting on the first of the month.

I will begin to post results and be seeking insight from all level of players, and truly hope that someone or many can give me some insight to what has become a real flaw in my play.

I just simply cannot accept that a 5-month long run of poor results comes down to bad luck alone. It has to be bad play on my part.

Any suggestions or existing bankroll management plans on the micro level are welcomed.

I am looking forward to getting help from our members, and thank you all in advance for your time.

Be safe / Be well,

(I feel like am leaving a meeting that started with me at the front saying: "Hello, my name is Sires and I suck at poker" )

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