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DONKED at a WSOP step 1 after winning the voucher!

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DONKED at a WSOP step 1 after winning the voucher!

Post  datsme53 on 2009-03-29, 16:43

Well... I made my attempt to move on and get a step 2 voucher. I was getting nothing and was playing on a relatively tight table when you compare it to the freeroll qualifier. I got a Q,Q on about the 12th hand or so. I raised to 105.... player next to me reraised to 180... only one other player called. The player next to me was playing junk for the most part... so I decided to take it all in. He called and had J,J.... the other caller called my all in and had 6h,5h. Flop came 3h,10s,9d. I was already counting the chips when it went turn,2,river 4! Mad Mad Mad Yep the caller with the 6,5 hit a runner runner str8 and took us both out! Mad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil hat's the 5th really bad beat I suffered almost in a row! Poker don't like me!! Shocked Shocked Shocked Why would she call for almost all her chips with a 6,5? I mean come on.. it's a WSOP qualifier... not a $25 freeroll!!!! Exclamation Question confused confused confused confused

Okay... I feel better now.......NNNNOOOOTTTT!!!!

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Re: DONKED at a WSOP step 1 after winning the voucher!

Post  magic14916 on 2009-05-17, 16:02

wow that was bs sry bro

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