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Family loves Skype Empty

Family loves Skype

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Family loves Skype Empty Family loves Skype

Post  RazorBacker1 on 2009-06-11, 17:06

Well Im sure Yall know what Skype is, surely, well if you dont im sure dats could explain it better than I.. Well I have family all over , and we have finally got them all connected..My mother,my self, and a sister are here in littlerock, my other sis lives in hotsprings, (one houraway), my other sis lives in iowa way up at the top(14 hrs ) my brother is in texas (yall know thats a whole nother country).llol, and then the grankids, skatterd.. ok Yall get the pic. now my mother can see them all any day any time.. she is 80 yrs. and she thinks this is the greatest thing she has ever seen. and i agree. she got to see one g-g-grandbaby last week for the first time ever and just had a blast. so if you dont know about this you need to check it out .. its so easy that if I can do it any body can.. Very Happy Razor

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