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Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

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Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

Post  BigJoeJones on 2009-06-09, 12:50

This is a repost of the blog. The tournaments listed are the same as what has been advertised in other posts. Everything is just put together this week for your convenience...

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for being a little late on the tournament announcements. I had a few busy days leading into my birthday yesterday and I could not quite catch up to all I had to do Razz Raise your hand if you just love landscaping! Then raise your hand again if you love doing it for more than ten hours in a row, lol. So the lawn looks great and I'm sore and the wife is not scowling at me quite as much anymore... so that must mean that BigJoeJones has some spare time and some tournaments to announce!

We have a couple of good options this week to play here this week. I encourage you to play them all, especially Doyle's Room and PitBull Poker. We are affiliates for both and your involvement on those sites helps us out here at Felt Fanatics. If you are going to deposit, please click the banner on the side of the web page. Speaking of banners on the side of the web page, PitBull Poker is offering ten dollars free just to check them out! Yes just sign up for an account with PitBull Poker and they will give you ten dollars! If you like free money and you play poker and you want to play with us here at Felt Fanatics, you have no excuse now not to sign up! Just click the banner on the side of the web page that is advertising the ten free dollars for PitBull Poker.

I'm gonna list the tourneys below in a simple format for this week. The Doyle's and Pitbull pokers need a minimum number to continue or we won't be able to continue offering those tournaments. That means we really need your participation! Please come out and show some Felt Fanatic spirit!

We have two tournaments this Tuesday...

What: Fanatical Tuesdays
When: 16:00 @ FTP
Format: NLHE
Buyin: 1.50
Password: fanatical

Here's Doyle's room adding $25.00 to a Feltfanatics buy in tournament

when:tuesday june 9th at 8pm
buy in:2.20 with 25 added
good luck all...don't have a Doyles account?just use the banner on this site plus if i,m not mistaken i,m running a contest for depositors

Heres Pitbull Poker adding 25.00 to a Feltfanatics game

Type of Event: $1 Buy In with $25 Added

Name of Event: Feltfanatics June #1
Date: june 13th

Start Time: 8pm est

Password: ffrules

Min Players: 10

I hope to see you all there Very Happy That's all for this week! Be well and be good to each other.

BigJoeJones [/i][i]

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Re: Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

Post  Admin on 2009-06-09, 17:39

hope you guys can turn out for these look forward to seeing you there

P.S. hey guys we caught kind of late that they got the times wrong on the tournament its actually 9pm...sorry for the confusion.


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Re: Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

Post  datsme53 on 2009-06-09, 20:48

I can make the Doyles buy in tonight... but I'm afraid the pitbull one on Saturday is out for me... home football game that night. See you all who can make it tonight at Doyles! Good luck to all and may the flops be with you! Smile

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Re: Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

Post  mawsrat on 2009-06-10, 13:33

Sorry miss the Doyle game but perhaps I will make the Pit game. I really don't like the site doesn't run right on my computer but I'll still try to make it.

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Re: Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

Post  slyone66 on 2009-06-10, 13:40

count me in on pitbull, its been one of my main sites lately, for some reason its down at the moment, which is a bummer, don't get to play my noontime game. but will see you all on saturday night.

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Re: Felt Fanatics Tournaments This Week

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