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Parlay Betting

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Parlay Betting Empty Parlay Betting

Post  Mad Clint on 2009-04-30, 15:39

Parlays Bets:

Parlays allow people to invest a minimal amount of money with the chance of a huge payday if they can correctly pick a certain number of winners without any losers. You can combine bets on games, pointspreads, O/Us, and money lines into a parlay bet. The problem is that one loss is all that it takes to kill a fine looking parlay card.

The keys to look for in winning a parlay card are as follows.

1) Bet more and keep the teams low. I recommend keeping parlays to 2, 3, or 4 teams. If you go over four teams the advantage goes greatly to the house, as they hold all of the advantage. Instead of playing a 5-team parlay for $10, play a 3-team parlay for $30. More often then not, you will be happier and winning more.

2) Check the rules of the parlay. Offshore is the best place to play a parlay, as the majority of books push down on all ties. Local parlay cards that can be found at most sports bars but do not offer the same benefits. Some allow for one tie, while other cards consider a tie a loss. With the accuracy of the Las Vegas lines, these are great disadvantages to the gambler and need to be avoided if at all possible. If you play cards with this type of format, do your homework when making selections. Avoid selecting a team where the line is 3, since this number decides most football games. Try and select games where the spread has a ½ involved, as this will guarantee you a win or a loss.

3) Hedge your bet whenever possible for large parlays. Say one had an outstanding weekend in football and has hit six selections of your seven-team parlay with the only remaining game taking place on Monday night. One invested $10, and has a chance to win $800 if the Monday night goes as planned. I would take the suspense out of the Monday night game and make a side bet of $418 on the other side. This will guarantee you a profit of $392 if you hit your 7-team parlay. If you would happen to lose the game, you would collect $380 on your side bet. This is the smart move, as you are ensuring yourself a substantial profit and can just enjoy Monday Night Football. However, this should only be applied when you are one game away from winning the parlay, as the odds decrease when you have two or more games left to win.

Odds for betting Parlay
# of plays Standard Odds True Odds
2 plays 13-5 3-1
3 plays 6-1 7-1
4 plays 10-1 15-1
5 plays 20-1 31-1
6 plays 40-1 63-1
7 plays 80-1 127-1

These are the techniques that I would recommend when betting parlays. Parlays are a fun way to get started in this form of gambling, as they allow one to keep the amount risked low.

I will be posting odds and prediction very soon, stay tuned.
Mad Clint
Mad Clint

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Parlay Betting Empty Re: Parlay Betting

Post  Admin on 2009-05-01, 13:58

Great post mad!Ilove getting this great information,and i place a parlay bet in one form or another everyday.I also think that everyone should give the centsports a try.i have a link to it on the home page and on the promotions page,they start you out with a dime to bet on sports{they are part of sports book}but everytime you lose they give you another dime...its pretty cool for a free site,to see how far you can get.maybe we can get a thread going and tracking our progress.


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