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WSOP Step 1 Voucher Won at GoHard!

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WSOP Step 1 Voucher Won at GoHard!

Post  datsme53 on 2009-04-30, 01:59

I won another step 1 voucher at GoHard Poker tonight! Smile Had not been playing in these much lately.. was playing feeder at Doyles(donked out there) and remembered to enter. Last hand was a big pot with 5 players all in... got beat when a guy caught a set of J's on the river! Mad Would have put me near the chip lead. I think I'm going to start playing some of these .... probably tomorrow morning. I have 4 step 1's and a step 2 to try to advance up the ladder.

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Re: WSOP Step 1 Voucher Won at GoHard!

Post  Mad Clint on 2009-04-30, 03:00

Good job dats. Donkeys are out thick tonight, I've had several run ins with them lol. 5 tournies including the feeder all donked out. One tourny was so dam close to the bubble and the idiot pushes all in with nothing and runner runners a st8 I was holding 2 pairs Shocked
Mad Clint
Mad Clint

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