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Post  LargeLooker on 2009-04-21, 23:52

Cool site. Major competition. Simple to navigate but not as much as other poker rooms. With the major population of all the poker players it becomes a issue with the reloading of tables, since they are filling up so quickly so some patience is needed but it's not as bad to where you can't catch your seat when you want it. I'd say it could be cleaner and more professional looking but you might consider sharks and plant avatars as a neat
idea. There are ways to change the look of the tables and card decks and other options so that's a plus. Not many free rolls or any for that matter that I was able to find that suited my location or other restrictions so that may cause the free rollers to get quite annoyed. One feature that is brilliant is the transfer of cash between players. A few clicks and minor adjustments you can have friends or family loaded up with cash to play on the real money tables. Awesome feature that other Poker rooms just don't seem to make this easy. Overall I can't skip this room with all the action in it.

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