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Runner, runner Empty Runner, runner

Post  rmreussow on 2009-04-16, 23:27

Seems like full tilt is the champion of the bad beats. I was playing the daily dollar tonight and down to a pretty short stack with just under 4,000 chips. I had A 9 and called the minimum bet of 300. Hand flops J, 9, 9,. I have three of a kind A high, no flush possibility. Large stack, about 38,000 chips bets 600, minimum bet 300, I go over the top to 1,200. He pushes all in I have no choice but to call with only 2000 chips left. He has K 5 unsuited, catches runner, runner, 10, Q for the straight and I'm out. That was the dumbest bad beat I had all day but seems like that runner, runner garbage happens several times a day on full tilt. Any suggestions or does any one else feel that full tilt seems to favor the underdog hand often? I'm seriously considering to stop playing at full tilt.... Twisted Evil

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Runner, runner Empty Re: Runner, runner

Post  datsme53 on 2009-04-17, 02:15

I can sure relate to what your speaking of here! Runner Runner oh what a bummer! Runner Runner beats have hit me like the plague! Mad In one stretch last week in 2 days I was knocked out of 7 tourneys with bad beats and 6 of them were with runner runner beats, either for flushes or str8s when I was in a dominating position! Mad Mad

You got your chips in with the best hand(by far in this case).... that is all you can do when your playing poker. Nothing else is under your control. Just take this thought with you each and every time you enter a tournament... Get your chips in with what you believe is the best hand, and you will win out in the long run. Sure, you got knocked out in that occasion, but most of the time you will win when getting your chips in with the best hand. You can't be afraid to put em in when you have the odds with you....getting beats like that is a part of poker... keep playing like that and you'll be a winner most of the time. Smile

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Runner, runner Empty bad beat runner runner

Post  LargeLooker on 2009-04-17, 04:40

What's not to say. These part time, couch potato junkies are ravishing the net poker world. They step into a hand on these draws that my grandma couldn't fit into. What in the world possesses someone to not only risk all their chips on these complete and utter disaterous hands, they actually go in as if they knew they were going to hit thier
running straight's or flushes. I'd say sitting back and watching someone meltdown and then pouncing on em before they start to tilt would beckon a raise or even a call for some of these donky donks. Don't beat yourself up over it, because when the wind blows, ametures fall over and the pro's stack chips. lol!

p.s.NOthings wrong with full tilt your just have ing a bad day

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Runner, runner Empty Thanks

Post  rmreussow on 2009-04-17, 08:35

Thanks for all the words of wisdom! Smile

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Runner, runner Empty Re: Runner, runner

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